Tuesday, September 22, 2009

Heavy Metal Rankings NFL Week 3 2009

Hey there. Another week of NFL football is now in the books and another week of great games have been witnessed. Dallas unveiled their new stadium, Philly showed what they can do without QB Mcnabb and Oakland took their slogan, "Just Win Baby" quite literally. On the the rankings.

#1 New Orleans Saints 2-0 (prev. #3)

Can anyone beat the Saints? QB Drew Brees continues to light up the score board, scoring almost 100 points in 2 games. The man is on pace to break all kinds of passing records if this offense continues to play in "god" mode. The Philly defense kept the Eagles close in the first half but they failed to show up in the second half while Drew Brees cut them up for 31 second half points. Next @Buffalo Bills

#2 Atlanta Falcons 2-0 (prev. #1)

QB Matt Ryan is feeling pretty good now that he has a go to receiver in TE Tony Gonzalez. He threw for over 200 yards and 3 scores against the Panthers, despite Carolina RB Cadillac Williams and WR Steve Smith had great games. @New England Patriots

#3 New York Giants 2-0 (prev. #8)

QB Eli Manning showed his worth to this team by doing something that Dallas QB Tony Romo has not, lead his team to a win in a big game. The Giants battled the Cowboys in the brand new Dallas stadium. Despite not have a go to receiver, Eli has found several receivers to pick up the slack. None more than up and coming WR Mario Manningham, picking up 150 yards and a score. @Tampa Bay Buccaneers

#4 Minnesota Vikings 2-0 (prev. #6)

The gunslinger we all know and love may be no more as Minnesota QB Brett Favre continues to step aside to the RB Adrian Peterson show. The problem with the Vikings is that they are starting games slowly, letting the Lions have a halftime lead before putting them to sleep in the second half. Next: San Francisco 49ers

#5 Pittsburgh Steelers 1-1 (prev. #5)

The Steeler running game is beginning to worry me. Despite them losing to the Bears, they could have come up with the win if not for missed field goals by K Jeff Reed, they could have come up with a win against a hot red Chicago QB in Jay Cutler. Next: @Cincinnati Bengals

#6 New York Jets 2-0 (prev. unranked)

Young Jets QB Mark Sanchez is looking like a season veteran, outplaying the Patriots QB Tom Brady. He may not have had impressive numbers but he managed the game well and relied on a balance passing and running attack to take down the mighty Patriots. Next: Tennessee Titans

#7 Philadelphia Eagles 1-1 (prev. #2)

Second string QB Kevin Kolb had himself a great game, throwing close to 400 yards and 2 TDs. The problem? He was up against the QB Drew Brees and the Saints. The Saints defense allowed the Eagles to stay in the game but once Drew got going, they simply blew the Eagles out of the sky. Next: Kansas City

#8 New England Patriots 1-1 (prev. #4)

Is it time to panic in New England? The Patriots did not have an answer to the Jets offense. QB Tom Brady looked confused and fluttered and did not look like anything of the cool and collected QB of Super Bowls past. The defense has definitely suffered this year and if the offense cannot bail them out, the Pats will have a mediocre season at best. Next: Atlanta Falcons

#9 Baltimore Ravens 2-0 (prev. unranked)

The Baltimore Ravens are relying more on QB Joe Flacco and the offense than their legendary defense. That doesn't mean that the defense doesn't have it's moment in the sun. With time running out, LB Ray Lewis tackles Charger RB Darren Sproles for a loss on 4th down to secure the victory for the Ravens. Next: Cleveland Browns

My Oakland Raiders 1-1 :
What an ugly game for the Raiders. Negative 7 yards for the first quarter. Are you kidding me? Raider QB JaMarcus Russell simply looked awful. His accuracy seemed to diminish from the San Diego game. Against Kansas City, he throws for a little over 100 yards with about 70 of those coming on the final drive of the game. Quite frankly, the Raiders had no business winning this game. KC out played the Raiders and out gained them by over 200 yards. With all that, the Raiders came up with the victory. Al Davis preaches, "Just Win, Baby" and the Raiders definitely just won the game and did little of anything else. Next: Denver Broncos.

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