Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Metallman's Reverie August Income

Hey there. I've been meaning to post a monthly income statement for this site. I've seen other sites that tend to do it and I kinda think that's it's not a bad idea. If you show that the programs that you use are not BS then people are more likely to check em out. Personally, I just want to show that an average Joe, such as myself, can make more than a few bucks online if you work hard and build an audience. I don't have a fancy spreadsheet or anything of that sort, but here is where I stand with my online income:

Adgitize - $17.11

I like Adgitize. It's a very simple program and it keeps my site updated. You earn points for visiting sites, displaying ads, and writing posts. All things I do anyways so why not get paid for them, right?

Adsdaq - $6.61

This is a relatively new ad service for me. I'm getting tired of the low payout from Adbrite. The great thing about this is that you set your own price for each 1000 impressions. The huge negative on this ad service is that they do not offer referral links and the payout is set at a high $50. It's pretty much a "set it and forget" type service so once you sign up, you don't really need to do anything else but request a payout when you've reached the threshold.

Adbrite - $1.46

This is another set it and forget type ad system that did fairly well for me at first. I made more $20 a month with this ad service but for whatever reason, it's not earning me anywhere near that any more and I am seriously thinking of dropping it. Maybe other alternatives are stealing their advertisers? Who knows, but I'll keep it around for a bit longer and hope that maybe it's a just a slump and in a couple of months, they'll be back as a top performer for me.

Associated Content - $ 2.30

I really like this system. You can write about whatever you want and get paid for the page views. You can also take some of their assignments for upfront payments or for ideas about what to write about. I've seriously lagged it in this area. This can produce a nice stream of income if you work on building a sizable audience for your work. You start off with a base "salary" of $1.50 for every 1000 page views. After hitting a certain number of page views, you earn bonuses that will build upon that base pay of $1.50. This is perfect for those that have an itch to write short stories or poetry, but will do just as well for game reviews, photos, life experiences, and all sorts of other creative writing.

- $205.63

Socialspark is definitely my bread and butter site. I love everything about it. The friends that I have made there are wonderful and the opportunities available to you are many. You will need to get your blog approved before you can join, and if it's approved, it's very well worth it. Once you're a part of the team, you can browse opportunities and request to be part of advertiser's blogroll. The CPC program is great and payout can be requested at low $20. Any paid opportunity that is approved for payment will be paid 30 days from approval, so this $205.63 that was made is from opportunities that were written in July. This is definitely one you should check out.

So there you have it friends. I made a grand total of $233.11 for the month of August via Metallman's Reverie. I have joined a few more sites to see if traffic can be boosted, increasing my exposure and hopefully, my revenue. I didn't post some of those here since the funds are pending. The above is only what has been transferred to my paypal account. If you are interested in those sites, please check out the links at the top of this page and those under affiliates near the bottom. One that seems to be working pretty well is Easy Hits 4 U. They will give you $.30 for every 1000 pages that you visit and it asks you to visit a site for a minimum of 15 secs. On top of that it offers bonuses which include cash for surfing. I've only been a member for a few days so I cannot say its the best thing out there, but I'm giving it a shot and so far liking it. Hopefully, I'll be posting it as part of September's income post.

Feel free to check out the links in this post. And don't forget, tell them Metallman sent ya. =o) Later.


  1. You have earned a lot for the month of August. Thanks for sharing this information. I should try some of the sites you have mentioned here on your post.

  2. Really good earnings for August 2009 dude, My post tomorrow on will have my own earnings. I too made most from SocialSpark, $290 for me this month.

    I Used Adgitize for 6 months and even with 10,000 unique visits per month was only getting about $1.00 per month.

    I too do associated content and have about the same earnings.

    I have never used Adbrite before.