Monday, September 14, 2009

Entrecard No More, At Least for Metallman

Hey there. I've decided. I will no longer be an active participant in Entrecard. At least not full time as before. There have been too many changes to their system that I have been put off by all the system issues and their down time. If you miss a day of dropping, it significantly drops your ranking and now that you're limited to 300 EC a day, it makes it tough to be able to advertise and provide incentives for readers to drop on your page. I would spend over an hour on Entrecard alone. Dropping and purchasing ads. Checking out the market place and making sure I fulfill my orders, but considering what went down the last couple of months, I just don't find it worth it any more. I'm going to leave the widget on my site. This will still bring in credits from those that advertise on my site, but I my dropping will cease and my market place ads will be discontinued.

I've tried to gut it out, but it's just not happening. Maybe sometime in the future, when they get their act together, I'll revisit the site and be a participating member again, but until then, count me out. Later.


  1. Hi! Would you like to join me in making our adgitizing life easier? I made a tool where you can have 100 credits in a flash. Now I am looking for adgitizers who want to be included on the list. All I ask in return is you display our badge below or above your adgitize widget. Drop me a line HERE if you the banner is up on your site and I will include you on the list.


    Make or Break

  2. I think you might notice I dropped way off too, like you my ad is up for others to display but I am not pounding it as hard as I used to. The thrill is gone.

  3. I still get to drop around a 100 ECs everytime I am on blog hopping mode, since I keep both Adgitize and Entrecard open. So, not really pushing it hard to get to the 300, which I never did attempted before. But at least I get to shoot two birds with one stone. Just my two cents.

  4. Hey there. Yeah, I hear you guys. I sometimes log on to Entrecard and Adgitize and do the two birds with one stone thing but because I'm an advertiser, I only get around 50 drops or so. Not really work it if you ask me.