Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Saturday Night Rock Out

Hey there friends. I was introduced to the game Rock Band this weekend. It's definitely a party game, especially after having a few drinks. lol It was pretty cool because it was basically everyone's first time playing it. Only my wife's cuz was experienced in the game (he's the one that brought it over). We hooked it up and after having a couple of brews we got to it. I started off on Guitar, I guess it's what I do best, my babe on the skins, her bro on the mic, and her cuz on bass. It was interesting to say the least. It took awhile for everyone to get the hang of it and after awhile, we were all into it, blaming each other for failed songs... Just like a real band. HA HA HA!!! After our initial singer left, I took over and that was pretty cool. I sing all the time. In the car, in the shower, in public (embarrassed my wife with that one a few times. lol) so it cool to actually be judged. I did alright, I guess. I didn't fail. lol I highly recommend getting it, but only if you always have people over. If you're going to play solo, I would recommend Guitar Hero since I think it's more of a solo game where as you won't get the full effect of Rock Band playing solo.

Once we started to get into the wee hours of the night, my babe's cuz (he's family so I'll start calling him my cuz) wanted me to try out some songs in solo mode that he couldn't handle. He was over at our place before and we were all buzzing playing Guitar Hero III. He claims I impressed him, since I was playing pretty well for being buzzed, and he wanted me to play this one song in Rock Band that he can't handle. I think it was called Green Grass and High Tides.

Stupid song... It's been in my head since. On my first try on Expert, I got through about 80% of the song. After many failed attempts, I was only able to get a best of 85%. I like those kinds of challenges. I challenged myself with Guitar Hero III and I was finally able to best the game on Expert after many, many frustrated nights (Damn you LOU!!!!). But now that I was exposed to a new challenge, I wanted/needed to beat it. We probably stayed up til like 1 am attempting that damn song to no avail. My cuz says that we'll get it next time. He's confident that I'll get it since it was my first time playing the game, I had difficulty identifying the hammer-on notes since I was used to the Guitar Hero hammer-ons. I'll get it.. I know I will.... eventually. Until then, check out some of the pics taht we took... and I'll just have the song playing in my head... over... and over... and over... Later!

Here is our initial line up

In true rock fashion, the singer gets the close up

My babe on the skins

Our little drummer girl didn't want to cough up the skins

Me attempting some song on GHII. Never played that game before

"Our" cuz asleep after having one too many beers

Green Grass and High Tides... Focus. Focus. Focus

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