Tuesday, July 15, 2008

How Mafioso Are You?

Hey there. Stupid Myspace and their stupid addicting games. lol I'm a man of numbers. I love stats. So naturally, once I was invited to try the game by a family member, I keep going back to it to build up my stats. Mafia Wars is a relatively new application to be used while on Myspace and it's a text based mobster game. You earn levels are you mob and steal your way to the top. You buy armor and weapons to build your attack and defense so that you can FIGHT with other mob members. It's unique, at least to me, in the way that you replenish HP and other vital stats in real time. So it may take 5 mins or so for you to recover 1 exp. point that was used to rob a bank or other criminal activity. I think that's great because that'll make people like me have to log off and do other things while the your character recovers. Good stuffs. If you're out there on Myspace and want to join my Mafia, shoot me an Email and we'll "take over Myspace", Mafia status. Later.

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