Tuesday, July 29, 2008

Computer Knowledge is a Must

Hey there friends. In this day and age, everything is done electronically. Payments, banking, games, work, stock trading... you name it, and there is a website out there to get it done. Because of this, we rely heavily on computers that not only work, but work efficiently. But what if it doesn't work? What if the computer decides to act funny and you can't get anything done? Who do you call? Not ghostbusters, that's for sure, but if you're at work, it's most likely the IT (Information Technology) people. In today's business world, those guys are the people that make the world run. So you can only imagine the amount of money those guys make a year. That's why I'm thinking of getting myself certified. This is an absolute win win situation. Because I am in my initial phase of being my own boss in computer repair, it would be great to have a certificate to show my customers that I know what I am doing and after browsing around, I have decided that a Cisco certification is what I need.

Not only do they offer hundreds of classes, but they also offer web based training, virtual classrooms, and remote labs and simulation, on top of the traditional classrooms. This is perfect for those of us with hectic schedules or for those of us who just prefer to do online training. VPN, IP communications, Networking, or computer repair are just a few of the Cisco training courses that are provided.

I'm looking forward to this. It would be great to be a certified computer technician. This is exactly what I need to jump start my busniess. Good thing I haven't printed cards yet. Once I get this done, I can add a line on there that says "Certified by Cisco".

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