Tuesday, July 29, 2008


Hey there friends. Some where around 11:45 am, us in Southern California had ourselves an Earthquake. From what I hear from the news, it was a 5.8 magnitude quake. We haven't had one in awhile and I've been telling my wife that we're due for one and I guess today was it. We work in the second floor of the company building so you could really feel the building shake. I was just about to enter my office when it started so I stood there in the doorway and I see my babe running towards me. I grab her and we stay there holding each other and shortly after one of our coworkers runs towards us and we stood there, holding each other. Later on, my wife tells me that the coworker was laughing at herself because she just saw us holding each other so she joined in to feel safe. lol

Anywho, we started to evacuate the building, but I stayed behind, since another coworker was still in the bathroom. I since my boss was gone, I made sure that everyone got out safely. Once she stepped out, she noticed that everyone was gone and she was like, "What happened?" I told her that there was an earthquake and then joked if she got stuck? That's probably why you didn't feel it. Leave it up to me to joke around during the time of a natural disaster. She laughed and then we walked outside.

Eveyone was on their phone attempting to call family members, including my wife. All phone lines were dead. Even the cell phones. Scary thought. No way for us to reach our loved ones to assure that they're OK. My wife is trembling. She's scared shitless of earthquakes and well, disasters in general. She blames me for it. lol All I watch is the History channel and they have shows on there that are all apocolytic or showing how disasters happened. I love that stuff. So I run upstairs, to see if the phones there work. I get a dial tone, but can't dial out. Damn... so back outside I go and before long, it's lunch time.

We drive over to my Mother in Law's and out kids are fine. The girls are visibly shaken up. Our middle child won't let go of my wife when we arrive. We eat our lunch and watch the news, all the while, we make some calls to assure every one is cool. Turns out the epicenter was in Chino Hills and it was felt as far south as San Diego and far east as Las Vegas. There is a "5% chance of a stronger earthquake winthin the next 5 days."

They let us go early from work so that they can inspect the buildings, to make sure that they're safe. We grabbed the kids and headed home. No damage and nothing on the floor. We were worried that our Tarantula, Vixin, may be on the loose. Since it was a strong jolt, we thought that it may have been strong enough to knock over her habitat. Good thing it didn't cause I don't want to think what may have happened between our cat and spider.

We live in California, I'm used to earthquakes, so I'm not too rattled by it. We let our kids know what to do in case of another one, since we've been feeling aftershocks most of the afternoon. We're pretty confident that they know what to do next time.

Hopefully, this doesn't mean that the "big one" is coming... Until then, later.


  1. This is bad news. I just hope all of you are fine.

    Weeks ago, I went to hospital for my baby routine check-up. Met with a women from Acheh, Indonesia. She said, it is almost every single hour they could feel the earth quake before Tsunami. After that, it is almost once a day now. And, they still prefer to stay there happily.

  2. Hey bro! Glad ya made it out ok! Next time try text messaging, they are seperate systems from voice lines and usually hold up better in times of emergency. Keep the family safe, sleep in the yard!!!! lol

  3. Earthquakes are the worst and no matter how many times I've experienced them, they still scare me.

    I think Manila (or the whole country) is due for another one (though I hope I'm wrong). There have been quakes in all our neighboring countries for the past 3 or 4 years.

  4. Stay safe, I saw this and worried about all the pals I have in CA. Have never really experienced an earthquake here in WI.
    Hope there isn't a big one, but that is what they are saying.

  5. Hey there friends, thanks for the concerns.

    Renna, I know that some people just love their surroundings so much that they'll just live through it. Personally, I'm scared to death of tsunamis so I would have soooo just packed my things and left, but as long as the couple is happy. More power to them. =o)

    James, showed my wife your comment and we laughed. I joked that I was that I was going to build a tent out in our yard and just live there, away from shit that can crush us. lol I'll keep the text messaging in mind. All we heard was that the cell phones were off due to the emergency so that will definitely come in handy next time.

    Mon, many of my coworkers are from Manila. They constantly tell us how there is always something going on there. Whether it be floods, earthquakes or tsunamis. Must be beautiful because they always go back there during thier vacations. Stay safe my friend.

    Mama Bear, I've heard talk of "the big one" but to be honest with you, I've been hearing that talk since I was a kid and everytime a good jolt happens, that talk resufaces. From my understanding, California is one of the more prepared states for earthquakes. We practically live on top of fault lines so I'm sure we'll be alright if that were ever to happen.

  6. i hate earthquakes.. glad everyone's ok...
    A word of advice... If the phone lines are dead.. you can still send a text/SMS message.. it won't reach right away, but it will probably get there faster than trying to call every few minutes... texts stay in a queue, so as soon as the lines open up, they get released... Just in case you can't call constantly, that text will still let your loved ones know you're ok...

  7. So glad you are OK too. Our son and his family live in Garden Grove, and he works in Irvine. All of them are OK. Last time we had the big quake here in WA in 2001 it was a 6.8 and shook for about 30 seconds. Scared the you-know-what out of me and the cat. I thought that thing would never end! As long as we live along the 'ring of fire' though, I guess this is what we can expect, eh?