Thursday, July 24, 2008

The Unknown Solidier

The wind howls as it moves across the sky. The luminescence of the moon makes an appearance between the clouds, making the sakura twinkle and dance as they fall, rivaling the beauty of the stars. A serpent slithers its way across a branch, searching for dinner. It's scales grinds across the bark, as it approaches a sparrow. Suddenly, the moon disappears, the howling stops, and the grinding halts. Deafening silence.

In darkness, shadows fly without their makers, speeding across the land. Off in the distance, a small cube, no more than 100 sq feet, cries out to them. They dart in the cube's directing, paying to mind to the trees and they go through the wall and hover in the middle. They gather around a body, sprawled across the floor. No warmth, no breath, no life. In unison, the shadows breathe out. Their breath, reaching the reaching the lungs of the body, causes no change. A second breath cries out and chills the body to ice. Then there was movement. The shadows dissipate, accomplishing their task.

First, a twitch. Then, a shiver. Slowly, air begins to flow across the lungs. Oxygen. The river of life begins to flow. It's current, starting at a crawl, begins to pick up speed. The cells, in a frantic, begin their daunting task to revive and maintain. The temperature begins to rise. The body that was ice cold is now gaining color. A tremble here and a tremble there, it slowly gathers it's strength. A hand plants on the ground as it begins to pick itself up. A lifeless body no more. Now standing naked and gathering composure, it lifts it's arms. Staring at it's hands, full of cuts and bruises, similar to those found throughout the body, it stares and asks itself...

"Who am I?"

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