Friday, July 25, 2008

Full Page Ads? Not Anymore!

Hey there. I received an Email last night from my friend James over at New Dilemma, and he basically told me that full page ads suck. lol Gotta love that straight forwardness. I was thinking of getting rid of them cause quite frankly, I was getting tired of them myself. On top of making my blog take forever to load, and then be redirected, I felt that they took away from my site and kinda made it second fiddle. Well, I got rid of them. Well, at least I hope I did. I went ahead and made the changes on my Adbrite account and we shouldn't see anymore full page ads. I've made more than a few bucks with Adrite and I don't think that removing the full page ads would hurt my earning potential. If by chance, they continue pop up, let me know and I'll see what's up. Feel free to hit me up, friends. That's why I got my Email on here. Many thanks James! Later.


  1. Oh my god, now I'm so embarrassed,lol! Regardless, your page load speed was way quicker and now I can truly enjoy your site. If you lose revenue, put them back, I'll always understand and continue to read.

  2. well,they're irritating you know? whenever i encounter blogs that have full of advertisements,i would just hold my patience and get over it lolz.

    P.S I am asking a favor from you,hope you don't mind voting for my love story located on the sidebar of my blog titled THE MAN OF MY DREAMS.Thank you so much for the time!

  3. 'preciate it.

    Good call James.

  4. Heya that is awesome, to be honest if a blog has a full page ad I usually leave immediately... don't know why... Just a pet hate of mine I guess.

    Well done on getting rid of them ;)

  5. Hey there guys. Thanks for the feedback. No need to be embarrassed, James. Something sucked on my page, you called it out, I agreed and POOF! It's gone. lol That's how it works around here.