Thursday, July 10, 2008

A Switch From Blogger?

Hey there friends. I've been contemplating a move from Blogger to another blog platform. I believe that the only reason I'm staying is because it's my first blog and I've grown familiar with what I can and can't do on Blogger. And that's my problem... I know what I can't do and it would suck to have to leave because of some "imperfections".

First and foremost, I cannot upload Excel files. Maybe it's just me and you can't do this on any platform, but I have a few games that I would like to share with you all and I cannot get them to upload on Blogger. HUGE issue for me. Who wouldn't want to come here and then get themselves a free dose or Pac Man or whatever. lol I guess the fact that I'm restricted is what's bothering me. I figured, it's my page and I can do as I please, but the fact that I can't upload a file is taking that "power" of freedom away. Would I be able to upload files on other blogging platforms?

Also, more and more, that empty space on each side of my page is getting to me. I don't know why it didn't bother me before. I guess it was just the "newness" of blogging that I felt happy with it only because I now had a small space to call my own. I really want to expand it all the way as of right now, I have not figured it out. I'm pretty sure that a new template would fix this. Maybe I should look into that.

Maybe I should be looking into getting my own domain. Tranfer all my stuff over. I wouldn't know how it would work though, but I'm sure they would have a "help me" guide or what not. Maybe I should start looking into that.

Or maybe I'm just being a little bitch. lol I know that there are millions of people using blogger and if it was really bad, they would all ditch it for something else. Eh. Guess it's just something to think about. Later.


  1. Not to play Devil's Advocate, but that's what I'm going to do...

    - I don't think any blogging platform (at least the 2 large ones, wordpress and blogger) allow you to import .xls files as part of your html site code. I could be wrong on this though.

    - A template switch will fix the empty space. If you don't want to switch your template, try tinkering with your page layout.

    - In terms of getting your own domain, why pay for what you're getting for free now? I understand the need for your own space, but as I've wrestled with the own domain name idea a few times myself, for a blog - it's sorta pointless and self-serving. But that's what us bloggers are about anyways.

  2. I kinda agree with topolk a little, except on the domain name. I like having the domain name I picked with nothing added to it.
    I have unlimited upload/download bandwidth, and unlimited storage. 24/7 Phone support as well, It's kinda nice. Sure I pay nicely for it, but I'm always up, and I had a post the other day that got almost 15,000 hits and it didn't flinch.
    Oh, well, whatever the case, good luck!
    Oh, and also, the company I purchased my domain name from came with wordpress, so there was really nothing to do except use the site builder to get it started.

  3. has a lot of great tutorials for tweaking your Blogger theme, and none are difficult to do that I've tried so far.

    You might be able to upload your file to Googledocs and link to it from there, and that would bypass needing server space. The games you mentioned might also be widgets you could easily install through I don't know, it would slow your page down a LOT though.

    The absolute best thing about Blogger is that your post is listed in search results just as soon as you hit the Publish button. You won't get that elsewhere.

  4. Oh, and you can buy a domain name from Blogger, type it into one field in your settings and you're set. Easy.

  5. If I was you I would just get your own domain hosted at bluehost and use wordpress.

    You'll never have to worry about it getting deleted. If you decided to go bluehost lemmie know so I can get you a refer link :)

  6. Thanks for the feedback guys. Looks like each suggestion has it's pros and cons. It all comes down to this, really. Blogger - Free. My domain - Not free. lol But still, it would be nice. Guess I'm still undecided. I'll let you know if I plan on taking you up on that offer Regretful. I know where you live (web wise, at least.) lol

  7. I like having more control of things with Wordpress. I used it before going on blogger but less than 6 months and I went back. I like having the ability of adding new functionality with plugins and such. If you end up doing it and need help, just holla at me.