Saturday, July 5, 2008

Snow White, Rockin' Out on the 4th

Hey there. Hope everyone had a safe 4th of July. We had ourselves an eventful day. Being our little one's B-day, we took her to Chuck E Cheese, she seems to love that place. So after we all scarfed down some pizza, we ventured off to play games. This is when we discovered that our little one is a skeeball whiz. Just check out that score!!!

You're seeing that right, friends. She scored 65,000 points and the jackpot score is 61,000 AND SHE DID NOT GET ANY HELP FROM US!!!! Amazing! lol She did receive some help from the skeeball machine, though. lol It must have been trippin' or something because each time she put in a coin, her score would rack up and she didn't even need to roll a ball to win the 100 ticket jackpot. lol It happened to her 3 times before the machine decided to behave and show the actual scores. Nevertheless, she had a blast being shot on that little screen as the jackpot winner.

From there, we ventured off to Kid's Heaven, or as it's better known as, Toys 'R Us. We usually know what to get the kids, but what we sometimes like to do is take them to the toy store and have them browse around. If there is something that grabs their attention, then I make note of it and when we're done "browsing", I'll go back and get the toys that were picked, pay for em, and take them to the car. I know it sounds a little mean, but the payoff is better since the kids are surprised when they get to open the gifts. So we busting this mission and our little one showed interest in a guitar, snow white outfit and a shopping cart. lol

From there, we went to my Mother in Law's place where we had a cake and she got to open her gifts. She was ecstatic with her gifts and she immediately wanted to play with all of them. Here is she is, singing "Slow Ride" for me. It's her favorite song from Guitar Hero III. Oh, and the guitar that she got? She claims it her "Guitar Hero Guitar" so that she can play guitar hero with her own guitar. lol Gotta love it. Check her out.

We capped the night with fireworks a-blazing. She loves her some Morning Glories (sparkle sticks, fire sticks, whatever you wanna call em) and she had a blast twirling and swinging them things around most of the night. As she heard, and saw, skyrockets burst in the air, she would say, "Daddy, fireworks for me?" I looked in her eyes and said, "Yup, baby. A lot of people are celebrating your birthday today too." lol It's a fib, I know, a little white lie that's not gonna harm her, but she sat in a chair in amazement of what was going on around her. All in all, a very pleasant 4th of July. Later

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