Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Let's Walk, With a Purpose

Hey there friends. Alzheimer's is a terrible disease and we need to do our part top help prevent it. An Alzheimer's Memory Walk is no more than 3 miles and those 3 miles can be the most purposeful miles that you'll ever walk. Many of us, once we reach the age of 65, will show one of more symptoms or Alzheimer's disease and as of right now, there is no cure. But, we can make a difference. By teaming up with the Alzheimer's Association, we can help raise funds to find a cure. You can either find a team to walk with, or you can create your own team. To create a team, you will need to sign up and invite at least 3 members. www.Alz.org has useful information on how to start a team or join one. They also offer many guides for team leaders so that they can lead to the best of their abilities.

Alzheimer's is a horrible disease that many of us have experienced first hand and the it's something that we definitely want to prevent. The disease is a form of dementia that can affect everyone differently. Someone with Alzheimer's can show symptoms of short term memory loss, where in more severe cases, language is reduced to a word or two. No one wants to see their loves ones regress in health. Our golden years should be those of joy, spending time with our grandchildren. Those of us who are lucky enough, great-grandchildren. We don't want to spend our golden years regressing. In a society such as our own, where medical advances are happening on a constant basis, we should do our part to help those advances move on. So far, it's working. People are living longer, healthier lives compared to just 50 years ago. If we continue to do our part, we can extend our life expectancy some more.

There are many horrible diseases out there and we need to find a cure for. Alzheimer's is just one of them. But it is the one, that many of us will experience. Click on the button below, start a team, or join on, and let us walk together.

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  1. This is definitely a good cause. Thanks for posting.