Saturday, July 19, 2008

Special Delivery From Italy

Hey there friends. I few weeks ago, I was approached to provide an unbiased review of some pinhole eyeglasses. I gladly accepted it. I remember seeing advertisements for these glasses when I was a kid and a doc even recommended that I try em out to see if they'll improve my vision. Me being the stubborn guy that I am, never did... So I was excited and anxiously awaited the pinhole glasses so that I can try em out.

The packaged arrived and it was postmarked by Italy. Never received anything from there before so I thought that was kinda neat. As you can see from the picture, I tore that package up. lol I regret that I didn't have any self control since I tore the stamp right down the middle. Would of liked to keep it intact but too late for that now. As for my first impression of the glasses, they brought me back to my childhood. The frame is what I would call "old school" and they are made of plastic, very much like the glasses I used to wear in the 80's. The lens themselves seem to be made of plastic as well, but they seem to have some kind of coating on them. Maybe it's the "secret ingredient" to better my eyesight. =o)

We put them on, and it's true, you can see better with them on. It's a trip because you are looking through several holes and yet your eyesight does improve by wearing them. My wife tried them on while I was driving and she was having fun reading things off trucks and what not, things she would not be able to read without her glasses. I decided to wait until I got home to really put them to the test. I decided that I would wear them for at least half an hour while reading a book. For those of us that have tried to read a book with out our glasses, it sucks, and if I were to be able to read comfortably with the pinhole glasses then I would be amazed.

During my time wearing them and reading, I can honestly say that my eyes felt more relaxed. Maybe it is because I wear my glasses all the time. I'm practically blind as a bat and I need my glasses for everything so I just don't bother to take them off anymore. I can see how during the long run, this may help improve my sight. My eyes are being used without the help of a concave lens and I can actually see better. That's the key word. Better. When you put them on, you are not going to see 20/20 vision. They are not miracle workers. The website for the pinhole eyeglasses claim to help with your myopia and hyperopia and other common eye issues. I wouldn't know if that statement is true since I don't have those problems, at least I don't think I do.

All in all, not a bad product. Even though I do not notice any significant change in my eyesight, I can honestly say that my eyes feel more relaxed and have less strain on them. I think that's more than the worth of the price for a pair of these glasses. Whether or not they will improve my vision in the long run is yet to be determined. However, I'll continue to use them and if one day, I wake up with hawk eye vision, you'll be the first to know. Later.

P.S. Jenna, if by chance you read this, my wife loves you. lol

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