Wednesday, July 16, 2008

My Sword and a Lactating Bitch

Hey there. I need to get a wall mount for this. I took this pic with my phone when I got home with my shiny, new sword. I think it would look better hanging on my wall looking all bad ass. I think I want another one now. We were watching Kill Bill not too long ago and my wife was like, "You should get one of those for your swords". She was talking about the racks that Hanzo had. I quickly thought, alright she's cool with the idea of me having more. lol I'd feel pretty stupid getting a rack like that and only have one sword on display. Maybe when I get more, I'll look into getting one.

As for this pic, I was at PetCo the other day and I was browsing through the dog medicine (my dog has this rash on his back, but the PetCo employee told me that he has a "hot spot" and he's constantly scratching it so I should get something to make him stop). I picked up this box and thought it was hilarious. I could imagine the makers of this sitting around and discussing their image and description for the box and some guy out there just throwing out the, "lactating bitches" as a joke and it ended up on the box. lol Good stuffs. Later


The box has the right name for a lactating dog though. The dog is called a bitch...since they're lactating they're lactating bitches.

Hey there Sabriena. You are so right, but the thing I have with this is that it's poor marketing. The connotation for bitch is negative and I'm surprised that their marketing people went with it instead of a more "people friendly" word. None of the other products there had the word on thier boxes. It's like going to a restaurant and ordering virgin chicken. Imagine if some restaurant decided to call it "virgin cock", would you still order it? It's the same thing, but it sounds so negative with the alternate word.

It really does say that huh? Good catch!

Might that be a reverse blade sword? That is legit!

Awesome (and hilarious) find. Sure they were correct in putting that on the box, but who greenlit that for print?

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