Friday, May 10, 2013

The Appeal of a Classic Car and Retro Gaming

You can't beat an 8 bit classic!
Hey there. You know, I got to thinking today about what the appeal of a classic car is. Considering that today's technology has been implemented into most of today's modern cars, I don't understand why someone would want to own a car with no power steering or one that still has a cassette player.  I simply just did not understand that... that is, until today.  As I was browsing through Facebook and checking out some of the fan pages that I frequent, I noticed that I have a lot of retro gaming fan sites on my list.  Retro gaming... my passion of games from years past is huge.  I love the 8 bit classics from Nintendo.  I grew up with them.  They are embedded in my memory and those experiences have molded me into what I am today.  Is my love for retro gaming similar to that of a car enthusiast's love for classic cars?  I think it's a fair comparison.

When I think back of retro games, the quality is not as good, the sound is not as good, and the graphics are nowhere were they are in today's games.  It's the same thing with cars.  The classic cars do not have all the bells and whistles that today's cars have, YET, there are still people out there that yearn for them.  The same way I yearn for retro gaming.  Both groups of people have a great sense of passion.  We go out and buy our retro games or classic cars. We'll even part with our current items to score that rare item from the past.  I get that now.  I understand because I am in the same boat.  I would gladly trade in Call of Duty: Black Ops 2 if someone was willing to give up thier MegaMan 3 (with box and instruction manual)  the same way someone would part with thier 2002 Camry if a 1967 Mustang was waiting for them.  I now have a new found respect for classic car enthusiasts.

I would give one of my best friends a lot of grief for holding on to his classic car.  It's not in the best shape in the world, but he won't cough it up.  He's even had offers from other friends to buy it from him.  I never understood why he wouldn't get rid of it... but seeing it now with enlightened eyes, it's like if he's parting with that Nintendo classic.  The first MegaMan game, the gold cartridge of The Legend of Zelda II, or maybe even just one of his personal favorites like Bubble Bobble.  Even though the worlds of gaming and classic cars are far apart, we can find common ground in our passion and love for the classics.  Later!

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  1. I love classic cars but older games seem to bore me.

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