Thursday, May 16, 2013

Zombie Response Authority Los Angeles Tank Top Winner

Hey there.  Check out this awesome pic of "Glow Bug", the winner of the Zombie Response Authority swag giveaway!  Looking pretty good, Glow Bug!  She opted for the women's tank top and I say that was a wise choice.

I want to thank everyone who entered and a special thanks to ZRA for being awesome enough to sponsor this giveaway.  Keep in mind, friends, that Los Angeles is not the only "city" design that ZRA has available.  Brookly, Chicago, New York, and Miami are currently available.  You may want to check out their website,, to check out some of the other styles.  Pick up your shirt and join the horde!  I know I did!  Check it out!  Later!
Join the horde!  Tag @ZombieAuthoriy on Instagram!

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