Tuesday, May 28, 2013

What I'm Playing... Pushmo

Hey there.  This weekend, I had the pleasure of hanging out with Donkey Kong at the LA Zoo.  I haven't had a chance to post about it just yet, but that post should go live within the next day or so.  While there, I got to play Donkey Kong Country Returns 3D for the Nintendo 3DS.  It's a great game, by the way, but while I was playing, it got me thinking of some of the other titles that I have on the 3DS.  Specifically, titles that I have received from the Nintendo eShop.  That place is a gold mine for great games!  The lastest one that I received?  Pushmo!!!!

Our good friends at Nintendo provided me a copy of the game Pushmo to try out and experience.  I, for one, am a HUGE fan of puzzle games.  I enjoyed wonderful classics such as The Adventures of LoLo for the NES and every so often, I find a great puzzle game that simply captivates me and brings me back to those times.  This, my friends, is Pushmo.  Pushmo is a graet puzzle game created by Intelligent Systems and can be downloaded to your 3DS from the eShop.
Pushmo is wonderful as it is simple.  You control Mallo, a sumo wrestling cat (awesome, right?) that is visiting Pushmo Park.  During your visit, you run into Papa Blox, the creator of the Pushmo blocks and caretaker of the park.  Papa Blox soon discovers that children are being trapped within the pushmo and teaches you how to push and pull blocks within the pushmo in order to create a path to free and reach the children.  Sounds a bit complicated, no?  But trust me, it's not.  After being walked through the first level, you should already have the hang of what needs to be done to continue through the game.  Pushmo boasts over 250 levels and each one increasing in difficulty.  And Pushmo makes spectacular use of the 3D capabilities of the Nintendo 3DS.  Because you are pulling and pushing blocks, the 3D effect enhances your gameplay!  With a greater sense of depth, Pushmo will offer a great gaming experience with the 3D effect on.

The game play of Pushmo is quick and easy to understand.  You grab blocks and you push and pull them to create ledges for you to jump on and stand on.  Certain blocks will have a child symbol on them.  That's the block that the child is trapped in and once you pull the block out, the child is free and will be waiting for Mallow to reach them.  Becasue Pushmo is a puzzle game, you will make several mistakes while you push and pull your way through Pushmo Park.  If a mistake is made, you can "rewind" the action so that you can rethink your last few moves.  If you feel that you need to start from scratch, you can push the reset button on the ground level of the Pushmo.  The puzzles are fairly challenging.  Aside from the "training" levels, I had to rethink a few of my moves and had to reset the pushmo to try again more than once.

If you're into some puzzle action like I am, do not pass of on Pushmo!  I can honestly say that it's one of the most innovating and quite possibly the best puzzle game currently available for any gaming system.  Yes, friends.  Pushmo is THAT good.  Get your 3DS and download Pushmo today!  Later!


  1. Hey there Devin! I haven't tried Crashmo yet. I want to get through Pushmo first. I still have a ways to go since I've only gotten through about 100 of the levels.

  2. Pushmo and its sequel Crashmo are definitely some of my favorite 3DS games. The games are challenging but fair and still manage to be a lot of fun.


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