Monday, May 27, 2013

A Trip to Aruba Would Be Perfect for Our HoneyMoon

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I love the scenic views that Aruba has to offer!
Hey there.  I owe my wife a honeymoon getaway.  When we got married, we both worked but we didn't make to much money.  I couldn't afford to get her the wedding ring that she deserved, I couldn't get her the lavish wedding ceremony that she deserved, and I couldn't get her the honeymoon getaway that she deserved.  Next year, it will be our 10 year anniversary and I plan on making up for some of those things.  We're better off financialy, now, than we were before and we are we plan to renew our vows and have a wedding ceremony with friends and family.  I also want to plan that honeymoon trip that we didn't get to enjoy the first time around.  We orignally had our heart set on a Hawaiian honeymoon but a trip to Aruba sounds pretty tempting right now!
Crystal Clear waters!  The look so inviting!
I know that Aruba is known as a great caribbean island that is an awesome vacationing spot but I didn't know much else besides that.  Now that I'm researching options, now that I'm checking out Aruba travel, I see that their beaches are crystal clear, the nightlife is active, and sights are breathtaking.  I wouldn't mind taking a stroll on a horse with the wife on thier white sand beaches.  I wouldn't mind having a few local meals at one of the many well known restaurants.  I wouldn't mind finding one of the many secluded beaches and just sit and enjoy the beauty that is Aruba.  I can see why Aruba is known as the One Happy Island.  lol
I can soooo see the wife and I hanging out on a hammock with a few drinks!
I know that we still have plenty of time before our 10 year annniversary, but it doesn't hurt to check out the options now.  If you are like me, you want to see what you get yourself into before making a decision.  If that is case, check out this great video showcasing what Aruba has to offer.
After watching that, I'm convinced that this is the place where we need to be.  The food, the nightlfe, the beaches, the shopping, the everything!  I can see us spending a good week or so here and really just enjoying ourselves.  After being married 10 years with me, I think she deserves it.  lol  Make sure you stop by the Aruba Facebook page to check out more awesome pictures from Aruba fans!  You'll find great pictures from Aruba featuring nothing but great times.  Also, make sure to stop by and see all the great things that Aruba has to offer.  Once you do, come back and leave a comment  letting me know why you would want to check out Aruba!  Hopefully, before long, you guys and I will be adding pictures to the Aruba Facebook page by the end of next year.  Later!
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