Monday, May 20, 2013

A Young Man and Summertime Sports

His first of what I hope is many sporting events for the boy!
Hey there.  The weather is getting warmer and it's time to get the kids outside and have them play some sports!  I'm glad to see that the kids are FINALLY beginning to show more interest in sports.  Especially my oldest.  He's an athletic guy and I've been waiting for him to decide that he is ready to start playing.  I don't want to be one of those overbearing parents that dictate their kid's hobbies.  I let him be and when he's ready, he's ready.  He can play baseball, football, and basketball and he seems more suited for baseball or basketball.  Come to think of it... he can even do track too!  He's expressed much interest in running as well!  Almost forgot about that one!  lol  I say that the boy (14 yrs) will do in anything that he puts his mind in.  I'm sure that once he's in high school, he'll make that final decision, but until now, we'll play basketball and we'll go out and throw the baseball around.  We end up throwing the baseball more than anything else, actually, and I think he's beginning to find his sport.

He hasn't mentioned anything to me just yet, but I strongly believe he'll end up playing baseball over basketball in high school.  Even though he watches more football and basketball over baseball, I see him giving baseball more of a shot than anything else.  We'll see what happens, but I picture the family heading to the diamond on summer days and nights to watch our boy play baseball.  I'll be proud of the boy no matter what he decides to play.  I'm just looking forward to him bringing home the trophies!  lol  Whether they be some individual trophies or team trophies, it doesn't matter.  Whether they be unique plaques, creative baseball trophies, or written awards, it simply doesn't matter.  

I want him to experience the comraderie of being on a team.  I wasn't on a baseball (softball) team until my late 20s but I was a part of the high school marching band.  It may not be a "sports" team, but it was a team and those experiences that I had the marching band have stayed with me until this day.  Those are the expreiences that etch memories for life and knowing that, I want him to have some of the best times of his still young life.  Later!
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