Friday, May 17, 2013

Whiteflash Jewelry is Perfect for Anniversary Gifts

Hey there.  Next year, the wife and I will be celebrating our 10 year anniversary.  Yup.  10 blissful years.  We plan on renewing our vows and hope to have a wedding where all of our friends and family can attend.  Our last wedding was pretty small and we would like to have a pretty big party this time around.  Anyways, 10 years is a pretty big milestone.  That's a whole decade!  Aside from renewing our vows, I would like to get my wife the gift of diamonds.  I don't think I'll opt to get a bigger ring, since I think she already has a pretty big ring, but I am thinking of getting her a diamond pendant or some diamond studs.  I don't want to get just any diamonds, though.  I want to get top quality diamonds.  Something I know is special and will WOW her.  I need some Whiteflash contact diamonds!  Or I should say, CONFLICT FREE diamonds!

So why, Whiteflash Inc, based out of Houston, TX?  Well, for one thing, they are the ONLY retail jeweler that is certified for ISO 9000.  Big deal, right?  Well, actually, it's a HUGE deal.  Being certified for ISO 9000 pretty much means that you on top of your game.  You have such high standards for quality that nothing less than perfection is acceptable.  This is great for consumers looking for quality diamonds.  This certification pretty much assures me that the quality of the diamonds available will be top notch.  And quite frankly, I think that my wife deserves such awesome diamonds!  (Not sure if the wife is reading, but if she is, brownie points for me!  lol)

I took some time browsing the Whiteflash website and I love their selection.  They have beautiful necklaces, bracelots, earrings, and wedding rings.  You can even custom make your own ring!  You can choose a design from the Whiteflash gallery or you can request a design.  I've already seen more than a few designs that I know my wife will love.  I won't mention which ones because I do want her to be surprised.  Who and I kidding... I want to get her this!
Past, present, and future, right there.  This is perfect.  I love it and I know she will too.  I strongly suggest you guys go and check out the Whiteflash diamond website.  I know that picking diamonds is probably best by actually checking them out, but you can always contact Whiteflash Inc. directly to speak with one of their diamond specialists. You can reach them by phone or you can visit their location. Here is their info:  Toll free Tel: 877-612-6770 or Tel: 832-252-6770 Whiteflash Inc. 2150 Town Square Place Suite 330 Sugar Land, Texas, 77479.   Check out their contact info to get a hold of them now!  Flawless diamonds, excellent customer service, and extraordinary quality.  You can't get that anywhere else!  Later!

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