Thursday, May 23, 2013

I Need Tips for Camping Trips

Hey there.  Would you believe that I have never gone camping before?  Like... EVER!  I didn't go on camping trips with school mates, I didn't go to summer camp as a child, I haven't even gone as an adult!  That's about to change, though.  The wife and I have been talking about taking the family on a camping trip. There are plenty of camping grounds in Southern California and I think it's time for me and the family to get reaquianted with the great outdoors.  I love being outside and being able to sleep under the stars in tents sounds like a great time to me.  The problem?  I've never been to any overnight camps so I'm going to need a little bit of help.

First off... I don't even have the equipment.  I'm going to need tents, right?  Or would it be better to rent out a cabin?  Would it be safe to take charcoal for heat or would a propane powered burner to prepare food be better?  Would I even be allowed to take any of those items?  See?!  I've never been camping so I have a lot of work and a lot of calls ahead of me.  If anything, I'll ask my oldest son what they did on his summer camping trip and use that as a guide.  lol  Nah, I think I should look online and call an advisor or somthing.  I did stumble across this website, Tips on Trips and Camps, that is extremely helpful.  It looks like I can call someone up and schedule an outdoors expedition.  How that sounds like something I would be interested in!  Hmmm...  I need to spend more time checking this site before making my plans final.

So tell me.  Have you guys ever been camping?  What kind of tips can you provide for a first timer like me?  Do you have a spot that you normally go or do you look for different locations that you find through a website?  I would love to know, friends!  Let's hear it!  Later!
Brought to you by your friends at Tips on Trips and Camps.

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