Monday, May 27, 2013

Make a Name for Yourself with CelebStir

Hey there.  I have my favorite musical artists.  I also have my own favorite celebrities that I troll on Twitter and on Facebook.  While online, I try to look up some new music or new events or activities that my favorite artists are participating in, but you know what I have a noticed?  It's usually fans, such as myself, that are the ones that are posting about our favorite artists!  Whether it be pictures or events, we, the fans, upload some pretty awesome stuff online.  The problem that I have is that I need to go to several fan forums or websites to get all the best stuff.  Well... not anymore!  You MUST check out, CelebStir!

Don't let the name fool you. CelebStir is NOT all  about celebrities.  It's about what you love... period.  CelebStir is a website where you can show your love towards a celebrity, musical artist, clothing line, or just about anything else, by following and influencing by posting pictures, videos, and comments about what you love.  You can easily share what you like via the social media share buttons provided.  It's easy to let all your Twitter followers, Facebook friends, or Google + circles know what you're into.  The great thing about CelebStir is that it's all on one website and because it's all user generated, you know that fans like you, fans who are passionate, are going to be posting some great stuff.  And just because CelebStir is awesome, they also have contest where you can win some cash!  You can frequently find contests on their home page that will pay cash to a winning entry!  As of this posting, the prize up for grabs is $100 for the best picture that is "just kidding around."  It's sponsored by the clothing line, Just Kidding Clothing!  It's a pretty great way to gain some followers, gain some social media attention, and get some publicity by having your clothing line on CelebStir.  But as mentioned before, you can follow ANYTHING and post about anything!  How popular you become depends on how well you get your name out there!  

I'm loving the tattoos on Ms. Samantha Christie!
I think she just made a new fan!
Aspiring members definitely want to get on CelebStir.  Let's say you're a graphic artist.  You can post your images, get followers, and become well known, simply by showcasing your work to a group of peers!  And better yet, if you are a member and offer services or goods, you can easily sell those services and goods right on CelebStir.  You simply add items to your store and visitors can click on purchase goods while checking out your profile page.  That's a pretty sweet deal if you ask me.  You never know, maybe you'll end up on the front page of CelebStir under the "Trending This Week" section!

Whether it be from my favorite musical act or a local clothing trying to make a name for themselves.  It's tough to get your name out there.  It's tough to get noticed.  By being a member of CelebStir, you will get hits, you will get views, and you will get noticed!  Just how much depends on you and how well you can market yourself.  Either way, CelebStir is the place you want to go to to show some love to what you love.  Later!

Brought to you by your friends at CelebStir

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