Friday, May 17, 2013

Save Over 10% on ZigReetrek TR Shoes Now

The wife and I stop for a pic while hiking
Hey there.  The wife and I recently took up hiking as a means to get fit outside of the gym.  We've gone to the Turnbull Canyon Hiking trails on more than a few occasions and it's something that we simply love.  The one thing that we don't love?  Our footing.  We both have "sports" shoes that we wear when we go hiking but we don't have as great traction when climbing up those steep hills.  The last thing we want is to lose our footing and come tumbling down.  That's why we've started looking for proper outdoor running shoes and the Reebok ZigReetrek TR running shoes seem to the ones that are right up our alley.

The Reedbok ZigReetrek TR running shoe has both the comfort and the traction we need to climb those hills.  And the best part about it is that they are now on sale!  You can save over 10% on Reebok ZigReetrek TR right now.  I'm always up for a deal so you know I'm going to jump on this!  You can find them in several colors so you can color coordinate with your training outfit.  I threw that in because I know that it's a big deal for my wife to have running shoes that matches her training clothes.  lol  Anyways, while browsing the website, I already found the ones I want.  Check out these bad boys out!
Once I have these bad boys, no more slipping for me!
We love our weekend hikes and I know we'll enjoy them more once we don't have to worry about stepping on a rock and slipping down a hill!  lol  So what do you guys think?  Do you guys have a particular running shoe that you prefer over the others?  Does anyone have any experience with these Reebok ZigReetrek TR Running Shoes?  Later!

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