Monday, August 4, 2008

Shipping Charges Suck!

Hey there friends. Our little one has decided that she's not so little so she needs a "big girl bed" instead of her toddler bed. Since she tosses and turns while sleeping, we figured that it wouldn't be a bad idea to get it for her, so we spent some time this weekend looking for a bed for her. My wife is the home decorations manager (god knows I have no sense of fashion or decor. lol) so she was looking for something that would already match what the girls have in the room. Well, the kids used to share a room so we got bunk beds back in the day. Our son has one and our middle child has the other, we figured we can give our little one the other bunk bed since it'll already match the one the girls' room. This meant that instead of getting our little one a bed, we'll be getting one for our son. So as we're browsing, online of course, we come across a few that we like and will match his room decor. The problem? $100 for home delivery!!!! I was like, WHAT!?!?! I'd rather go and drag it home... states that it's not available for "$1.99 shipping" since it's an "oversized" item and it weighs over 150 lbs. just flat out denied me the option to pick it up. We were forced to pay the $90 or so for ground shipping... We didn't get the bed, since we're mulling it over. If I had a truck, I'd be over at Sears and be like, "Load it up, fellas", and be on my way home, WITH NO SHIPPING CHARGES! Oh man... I need a truck.

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  1. Had the same problem with my daughter. Nice thing is I own a truck. I just bought it, threw it in back and drove home. Still a pain in the butt to set up though.
    The little head-board didn't want to fit.


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