Monday, August 25, 2008

The Perfect Web Host

Hey there friends. As some of you know, I'm on a mission to find a web host for my (future) domain. I'm looking for something that's reliable and affordable and I've pretty much just spent my time on Google reading up on which one does what and what users believe is better. During my quest, I stumbled upon Web Host Rating . Really now... If I just knew of this first, it would have saved me plenty of time. Right on their home page, you'll find a listing for whatever type of web host you need, plus a 5-star rating system that ranks the hosts. You have multiple domains? Click on the link on the left and a list of web hosts that can service your needs will come to light. On a budget, like me? They got a listing for that too. Check it out and save yourself some time. I think I'm just that much closer to deciding on where I'm going to reside. Especially after reading their article on "Cheap Hosting" Good stuff, this is. A great article on what you should look for when a company offers you cheap hosting. Check it out. Later.



  1. I've been using BlueHost for my blog, and I've found it a really good experience.

    The one time I had to call support the guy on the other end was completely on the mark and solved my problem in 5 minutes.

    They support multiple domains, subdomains, and auto-intallation of software such as blogs, CMSs, forums, and more.

    Take a look at what they offer at

    I plan on renewing my hosting with them when it comes due next year.

  2. Hey there. Yeah, I've had a few friends say that Bluehost is the way to go. I'll be checking them out, comparing it to others to see if it's right for me. Thanks.

  3. Hi there! Jilly Bean here. I need for you to shoot me an e-mail over to if you still wish to participate in Treasure Hunt Thursday. That way I will know where to send a clue for you to post. Thanks!!!


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