Monday, August 4, 2008

VistaPrint Magnetic Car Signs

Hey there friends. Starting a new business or have an existing business but you don't have that exposure that you need? Or maybe you have a stable business but you can never have too much exposure so you want to get the word out more. Well, check it out friends, over at, you can find all sorts of materials that can be used for your home office or work office, but the item that I found to be quite interesting is the magnetic car signs.

"But why are they so great?", you ask. I'm sure that many of us have seen vehicles on the road promoting their services. They either have the logo of the company or a name and phone number painted on the vehicle, or they have that sticker that you place on the rear window. Don't get me wrong, it's good advertisement, but they cannot be easily removed. With the car magnet, you can adhere it to your vehicle during work hours and simply remove it when it's not the best time. You can upload your own image or create your own design using one of the many templates that are readily available on the site. The magnets are pretty affordable as it is, but because you are all great frineds of mine, I'll hook you up with a 25% discount. Use the promo code CarDoor25 during check out and you're set. Go to today and get yourself a styling car door magnet.

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