Thursday, August 7, 2008

Man Sized Food?

Hey there. I was talking to my compadre today and I was venting about how Doritos will now have less chips in their bags. I mean, they're small as it is already, why make them smaller for the same price? I remember back in the day, the 99 cent bag was pretty big. Today, it's almost half the size of that. Why? Economy sucks. Companies are trimming costs by putting less of their product in containers and charging us the same amount as before, if not more. Fuck that. I'm so not happy about it. But what is my compadre's solution to this? Create "man" sized portions and "woman" sized portions.

His solution made me laugh, and laugh hard. He then proceded to tell me about "man sized" cup of noodles. I've never hear of em, but his pic made me think. Some companies have already started this, bigger is better trend and I think it started with Hungry Man. I mean, is it really smart to advertise food differently to different sexes? And I don't mean different products or gender specific products. I'm talking about one product, different approaches. Let's use the example of Cup O Noodles. C'mon friends, we've all had em. They're like the universal "need food now" item. Whatever brand it is, we call em all Cup O Noodles. Anyways, if you were an advertiser, would you advertise a "man" sized portion and a "woman" sized portion? Is it a smart idea or is it more business savvy to have a single sized product? Just a couple of thoughts that are running through my mind right now. Later!


  1. Hell yeah. And I'd advertise the shit out of the woman sized portions. Why? Because women will buy lots of expensive tiny things.

    Example: the mini cans of coke/pepsi. No normal man would ever pick those things up, but women love them.

  2. I know exactly what you're talking about. Not to be sexist or anything, but I think that women are more drawn to the "cutesy" side of products instead of the value.


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