Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Universal Pride

Hey there friends. Man, we've had some major changes at work and mywork load has increased 10-fold. Yet, here I am, bitchin' and complaining about it. lol Just wanted to write up on Pantera. I listen to music while working, it helps the day go by just that much more faster. Just a few minutes ago, Rise by Pantera came on. Such a great song. The reason why? I believe this song has the best line is music. "Make pride universal so no one gives a shit." How great is that. For those of you that have seen me on Myspace, I have that line as my quote, or whatever that thing is called. You know, that first tag line that people see.

Anyways, think about it for a sec. If everyone just handled their business, would we really be arguing and fighting over petty things? Instead of worrying about what others may say or think, you just say hell with that and go on and do what you gotta do. How much more different will the world be? Would this be considered a double edged sword, though? Is it possible to have too much pride that you can be blinded by it to the right thing? Just some random thoughts that music spawns. Gotta love music. Later.


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