Thursday, August 7, 2008

For Inspiring Chefs Everywhere

Hey there friends. I believe that the Nintendo Wii is a very innovative machine that has changed the way that we play video games. We can now get up and box a friend using the remote as the boxing gloves, play tennis using the remote as a racket, or swing the remote like a sword to slash. Now, we can add slicing and dicing and well as stirring to the ever expanding repertoire of Wii remote actions. Order Up! is the new cooking game for the Nintendo Wii that will put you in charge of your very own restaurant. You will manage your stations and serve up food in a hectic environment. Of course, before you can reach the status of a Chef Ramsey, you will need to work your way up. You'll start off as a fast food chain and as you gain praise from critics, as well as new and improved recipes, you'll work your way up to a world class restaurant. Not convinced? Maybe you need to check out the Order Up! Trailer . Order Up! Order yours today.


  1. That's the second positive review I've read about this game today. I'd better give it a close look.

    Besides, it even comes with a "Chef Hat." Bonus!

    The Natural State Hawg

  2. Ha! I can see myself, Chef’s hat on playing it… and my family eagerly awaiting for the food I will cook with it.
    As a mother who likes cooking I would like to see the game’s recipes. I’ll go check it.


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