Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Make It Happen, We Need FFVII!!!

Hey there friends. Not sure if you've heard, but from what I hear, the Final Fantasy VII remake WILL NOT BE AVAILABLE IN THE STATES!!!! WHAT!?!?!?!?! SquareEnix (Squaresoft back in the day) made the mistake of not releasing Final Fantasy 2 and 3 in the states and it created a masss confusion regarding the numeration of Final Fantasy titles (FF2 in the states is really FF4 and so on). They finally released FFIII in DS form and it's a huge success. FF7 will no doubt be a hit as well, especially since the original is already considered to be the best game ever created. Sign this petition people. We need our FF7 fix!!!

Final Fantasy 7 Remake Petition

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  1. What? That is a crime! That is one of my favorite games. I guess they don't want to make money. Because that is stupid not to release it here. Thank god for your blog or I would have never known. My hats off to you!


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