Monday, August 18, 2008

Odin v. Oppossum

Hey there. I feel like crap today. Body hurts like hell and my wife thinks that maybe it's the way I sleep. I'm sleeping wrong or something. Lower back aches, arm hurt, and legs don't wanna cooperate. lol Could be just that we were up later than usual this weekend.

On Friday, my wife felt restless. She described it as her mind is falling asleep but her body didn't want to so she couldn't go to sleep. I usually stay up until she goes to sleep, so I was up with her. She wanted to watch something "boring" to put her sleep and instantly suggested ESPN or football. lol Boring to her, not me, I stayed up watching the Super Bowl between the Pats and Giants. lol Anyways, around midnight or so, just when my wife was falling alseep, our dog Odin starts to bark like crazy. Usually, I'll just go up to the window and tell him to quiet down and he does, not this time...

I got up, put on some sandals, walked outside. I snapped at Odin, "What are you barking at?" and he walked over to the tree and growled. I looked and saw the biggest oppossum I have ever seen. The creature was monstrous, staring at me with it's beady eyes and showing it's sharp teeth. I thought at first, Odin must have injured it, since it was just there, under the tree, staring. I figured it would of ran or climbed up the tree or something, but nothing. I said to myself, if I don't get rid of this oppossum, Odin is going to be barking all night long and we needs our sleep. So I grabbed this 2X4 that I have lying around and I poked it, hoping that it would scurry away. No dice, just sat there, teeth and all. Poked it again, nothing. At this point, Oding was barking loud as hell, and my wife got up. She suggested spraying it with water. Good idea. I grabbed the hose and sprayed the hell out of him. That got him moving... but moving slowly. It got away from the tree and was now dragging itself across the lawn, that's right... DRAGGING. I noticed that it's hind legs were not functioning so I figured this thing decided to croak under our tree and Odin wasn't having it. I decided to deal with it in the morning so I grabbed a bucket and was going to trap it inside until the morning. A grabbed this huge rock that I was going to place on top of the bucket to assure that Odin will not knock it down and release the oppossum. Well... by the time I got to it, the oppossum was dead. Just lying there, not moving. Damn. Odin must've killed it when I went to grab the bucket. No point in "hiding" it under the bucket now, so I grabbed the 2X4 and pushed it into the bucket and carried it to the trash can. I poked it again with another stick, just to make sure it was dead and nothing. So I chucked it in the trash.

Fast forward, next morning. Shortly after breakfast, I went to check on the oppossum. Don't ask me why. lol I guess I just wanted to make sure that it was still in the trash and not dragging itself somewhere, terrorizing my family. So I opened the can and what do I see? The beady eyes and sharp teeth staring at me. The thing was still alive. I just experience first hand a oppossum playing possum. lol I left it there. Not much I could do for the little guy and there was no way in hell I was gonna grab it out of the trash. I showed it my kids. First thing my oldest daughter said, "Awwwww, it looks cute". lol My boy (I'm assuming) wrote "RIP" on the top of the can, since it's covered with dust and I doubt that my oldest daughter would do something like that.

The trash gets picked up today. I don't think it's still breathing. I guess I can rest assured that Odin will be keeping unwanted visitors out of our yard. I've caught him chasing squirrels and birds, so I don't know if it's just him being over active or over protective. Either way, good boy Odin. Later.


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