Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Dark Knight Curse?

Hey there friends. It occurred to me this morning, while listening to the Morgan Freeman update (good thing he's doing well. Great actor, by the way), that The Dark Knight movie might be cursed. Think about it for a second... First, it's the untimely death of Heath Ledger, then it's the arrest and emotional distress of Christian Bale, and now... it's the serious car accident of Morgan Freeman. It's weird, no? And I'm not sure if you've heard this saying, but things usually happen in threes. Just kinda odd, if you ask me. Later.


  1. What the hell was Morgan Freeman doing driving a '97 Nissan Maxima anyways? Is he a broke college student?

  2. Hey there T. I know what you mean. That made me go WTF?!?!!? when I heard what vehicle he was drviing. The only explaination for that is he wanted to keep a low profile, but he's Morgan F'ing Freeman. Everyone is going to recognize the man.

  3. Yup i think your on to something Compa, and you know what my wife just brought to my attention. Morgan Freeman is getting a divorce from his wife of 20 plus years. Some one toss them some Holy water.


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