Thursday, August 21, 2008

I Want a Cabin Cuddler!!

Hey there. I need a Cabin Cuddler. I've traveled a few times for business related reasons and each time I'm on the plane, the man or woman next to me just so happens to have the A/C on full power. Considering that I'm on a plane and not wanting to get up and go through the luggage to find something warm, I sit there... freezing. If I had one of these babies, I would assure myself that it is coming on the plane with me. I would wrap myself in it's travel blanket and just be comfortable for once. And if by chance I'm not cold, I would use the pillow that comes with it. We all know that the seats aren't that comfortable to begin with so why not use the pillow to better position myself. It is better than taking an in-flight pillow. Who knows when was the last time they washed it and don't forget... they're not free anymore. I might as well take my own, especially since I know how clean it is.

Come to think of it... My wife can also use it in the office. She's one of those types that get cold easily. Since we're in an office, she constantly wears dresses and skirts but because the office has Antarctic temperatures, she always has a sweater wrapped around her legs to keep them warm. Might as well put the Cabin Cuddler to good use since our flights do not happen every 2 weeks or so. I would not doubt it if she will use it as "footsies", since the Cabin Cuddler has pockets to keep your feet warm. lol "Footsies" have always been her favorite. Later.


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