Saturday, May 21, 2011

Vote for the World's Greatest TV Dad

Hey there.  Father's Day is about a month away and Man of the House is doing this great campaign to find out who will reign supreme out of 32 popular TV Dads.  That's right, it's a World's Greatest TV Dad Contest!  How awesome is that?  There have been wonderful father figures in our favorite TV shows and it's about time that we find out who the people believe to be the best.  From memorable fathers such as Cliff Huxtable to new comers such as Michael Kyle, a bracket of 32 dads has been composed to find out who will earn the title, World's Greatest Dad!

So here's how the voting is going to work:
  • Visit World's Greatest TV Dad Contest to cast your vote.
  • Click on the Vote button to see the bracket
  • Click on the dad you want to see win 
  • Vote for them to win that week's matchup
  • Brackets are updated every Monday morning to come back weekly to vote again
The editors of Man of the House chose the 32 top dads based on the below criteria:
  • Shared Household Responsibilities
  • Relationship with Children
  • Personal Health/Style/Appearance
  • Work/Family Balance
 So who do I think is the best TV dad?  This guy:
I vote for Michael Kyle as best TV dad!  I know there's more memorable dad's on TV, but Michael's style is similar to my parenting style.  Using fair judgment, lot's of humor, and doing the occasional robot dance, I think that the parenting style of Michael sets him apart from many of the traditional dads in the competition.  Especially since times are changing and in his show, My Wife and Kids, they tackle issues such as teen pregnancy, drug use, and other misguided situations.  It makes it easier to talk to the kids when I can reference a show and say, remember when Kady was lying to eat candy?', or "What happened to Jr. when he was hanging out with the wrong crowd?"  These are great conversation starters when I'm trying to have a little heart to heart with the kids.  We all love the show, the kids always tell me how I'm like Michael, with the robot, the jokes (funny and unfunny), and with the way he handles himself.  If this awesome dad doesn't win, or least make it to the final rounds, I'd be disappointed, but I'm sure Michael will take it with a smile on his face and a dance groove.  lol 

So who is your favorite TV dad?  Is he part of the top 32 chosen?  Who do you want to see come out on top?  Let's hear it friends.  Father's Day is about a month away and let's take a minute to vote for the top TV dad and let's not forget to thank our own dads for molding us, into the awesome people we are today.  Later!

 “I wrote this review while participating in a blog tour campaign by Dad Central Consulting on behalf of P&G and received promotional items to thank me for taking the time to participate.”

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