Wednesday, May 18, 2011

Xbox 360 Update May Kill Your Console

Hey there.  If you're a gamer, than you know what the deal is with the PS3 and Sony's PSN being hacked and all.  I guess Microsoft didn't want all the public scorn to fall on Sony so they have announced that the mandatory 360 update (set to release tomorrow, May 19th) may completely brick your 360.  What?!?!?  Yup, the new firmware update is supposed to prep the console to read a new disc format (hmmmm...) and the update may cause console's to permanently stop reading discs.  What is a gamer to do?!  Either I go with Sony and risk my personal information be compromise or I go with Microsoft and get a useless system.  Ugh... 

Well, at least Microsoft have already announced that if your system is one of the few that no longer reads discs, they will replace it for free.  And not just give you a refurbished console or anything like that.  They'll ship you a brand new 250 Gig model.  You know, the black one with wifi built in.  I'll admit that I'm secretly hoping that my system gets this unreadable disc disease so that I can get a new one.  I'm still using one of the old models.  You know, the ones where the disc tray is not even silver.  lol  I was thinking of trading in this old model for a new one but I guess I'll sit tight for a bit before going that route.
But you know...  What if this update is a disguise to kill all the modified Xboxes that are out there...  If that is the case, there are going to be many upset people.  Not because they did something illegal, but because they decided to get their console fixed through more economical means.  It's going to be interesting to see how many Xbox consoles go to the graveyard because of this.  I'm glad that mine hasn't been opened or modified in any way.  We'll just see if I'm one of the unlucky (or lucky) ones that has their Xbox infected with this unreadable disc disease that may be going around.  Later!


  1. My original 20gb model survived the update

  2. Hey there. I won't know until I get home whether or not mine will survive. I've already heard of a few going down because of the update.

  3. theres always some prob with xbox isnt there. had so many! including havent been able to get on xbox live past few months. long story and annoying!

    thanks for stopping by and remembering my game freakz blog again :-)

  4. wow i didnt know this! im glad i read stuff on this site...thanks!

  5. Hey there Knothead,

    Yup. It's happened to some people I know. Unfortunately, I received the update this weekend and I my console is still working... so no new Xbox for me. lol


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