Tuesday, May 24, 2011

Bank of America Shatters Dreams and Leaks Personal Data.... AGAIN

Hey there.  If you know me, you know my disdain for Bank of America.  Whether it be through my own personal hell with Bank of America or through friends and family's.  I simply do not like Bank of America and I don't care how big they are.  I just don't like being treated like a small fry because it's the "largest bank" in the US.  In  my eyes, that just means that they're too big for their own good.  They're too careless, they think they're above eveyone else, and they simply don't protect your personal data the way a bank should.

Througout the years, there have been numerous data breaches at Bank of America and now they can add another one.  To no surprise, Bank of America customers have had their data leaked to outside sources.  Yup, if you're a BofA customer, you're personal data is floating around in cyber space somewhere.  You're hard earned money is now someone else's and they're quick fix is, "here's your money back, don't worry about it."  The problem is that you do have to worry about it.  How will I be sure it won't happen again?  What is being done to prevent it?  If my data is leaked, it's still out there so I need to freeze all my accounts because you, Bank of America, done gone and messed up.  If you're well off, you'll be able to survive this "snafu", but what if you're like millions of Americans that live pay check to pay check.  Something like this can be disastrous.  Rent won't be paid, checks will be revoked, retuned checks and late fees will start to pile up, credit will begin to suffer.  It's tough, man, and something like this can totally derail a family.  It happened to us many, many years ago and whenever I hear that another mishap has happened within Bank of America, I have to tell the masses.  It's not something that people should have to go through!

The latest in BofA buffoonary has hit the web and it turns out that an employee of BofA started to leak out info.  BofA notified the police.  So far so good.  But absolutely nothing was done about it... NOTHING!  Well... at least they won't tell us that.  They won't even say whether or not the former employee was arrested.  It just makes you feel as if they really don't care.  They're there to protect themselves and have little disregard to their customers.

As I glanced at the article in regards to this in the LATimes, I couldn't help but agree with one of the commentators.  The article focuses on the trust issues that many customers have with BofA.

Rick states: "This is based on the assumption that Bank of America had trust in the first place.   People who still use that bank are either idiots or fools."  

Sorry friends, but if you're still banking with BofA, I do too will call you a fool.  It's only a matter of time before everyone else will see how screwed up they are and decide to take their business elsewhere.  I'd rather bank with a smaller bank, with better security, than have to deal with such half assed banking methods that Bank of America has displayed time and time again.  Later!


  1. I agree. Bank of America and others of its ilk are among the most corrupt organizations on the planet, and the damage they do is incalculable.

  2. Hey there Beth,

    I completely agree. I'm just not a fan of this organization and it's appalling that they do not take care of their customers. Especially when they are as big as they are. Thanks for the comment!


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