Wednesday, May 18, 2011

What Weight Loss Method Has Worked for You?

Hey there.  I've hit a plateau.  I've been doing so well in my exercise routine but now I've fallen off the wagon.  I haven't been to the gym for well over a month and I've probably only worked out home once or twice.  I need to get back on track!!!  I need to lose some of this weight!  I'm beginning to feel it.  I'm beginning to feel the shortness of breath after climbing up a flight of stairs.  I can't keep up with the wife when I've gone for a walk with her, I can't keep up with my toddler when he's running around (to my defense, their little balls of energy!!!), and I can't keep up with my oldest son when we're playing sports.  It's unacceptable!  I need to get some of this weight off, build some muscle and gain some endurance.

So what are some your weight loss, muscle building, energy gathering secrets?  I've read many things about weight loss pills, protein shakes, and the power of acai berries.  There's just so many products out there that I am forced to believe that no one does it with sheer exercise alone.  Everyone MUST be using some sort of dietary supplement.  The advances in nutritional supplements are making us faster, stronger, and more energy enthused that it's hard to believe anyone when they say they don't take some sort of dietary supplement.

So which ones are the best best weight loss pills, the best muscle building proteins, or the best metabolism boosting supplements?  What is working for you?  I'll admit that I currently take the MegaVitamins (the one say Sports on them) from GNC.  Why?  Because they claim to help in workout recovery.  Is it helping?  I wouldn't know since I'm not working out as often as I should.  I'm also taking some protein shake that helps in workout recovery and muscle building.  Does it work?  Same boat as the other supplement...  I haven't been taking it on a regular basis to say it's a winner.

So back to my original question...  What weight loss methods have worked for you?  Are you taking more than one type of supplement?  Or do you go all commando and don't take a single thing and and do it the way nature intended you to?  I'm curious friends.  I'm going to start working out again, but I want to know if I'd be fool for not adding a little something to boost those workouts.  Later!


  1. I dunno, I haven't taken any diet pills so far yet, but I had just purchased my gym membership last week. I'm hoping to lose weight without taking any pills and if I have to I'll order the ones I seen on Amazon, even though the last ones made me feel all bug eyed. heh

  2. I never really taken any pills, per se. I've had vitamins and shakes, but I've never really taken pills. Have been thinking of taking some kind of metabolism booster, but there's so many and I don't know if they're good for me and what not.


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