Sunday, May 15, 2011

Using Herbalife as a Dietary Supplement

Hey there.  What's your take on Herbalife?  While at the mall, I've seen many kiosks with herbalife supplements and have always wondered what their deal was.  Is it a metabolism booster?  Is it a dietary supplement?  What exactly is it?  Little did I know that the answers where right there at home.  At point in life, my wife took a herbalife tea as a dietary supplement.  She said that it was good for her in the sense that it gave her that energy boost to continue with her workouts.  She also warned that there are many kinds of herbalife supplements and that each one specializes in different areas.  So whereas the herbalife tea that she took helped in boosting her metabolism and energy, others may help in weight loss or overall health.

I wondered if herbalife is big in California so I did a quick search for herbalife California and see how many distributors there are in my home state.  Well, it's definitely sold in many cities and it even has the city of Lakewood listed, which is just mere few miles away. 

So my question to you, my dear readers, is have you or are taking any herbalife supplements?  Are you using herbalife weight loss supplements or herbalife metabolism supplements?  If so, has it been a positive experience? My wife no longer uses it since she feels that she's been able to boost her metabolism and energy, so she's deemed it as a successful product.  Let's hear your story.  Later!

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