Thursday, May 19, 2011


This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Save and Make Mooka, LLC for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Save and Make MoolaHey there friends.  Who here loves to go to the mall but hate standing in line and fighting through crowds to check out the latest in stuff?  Personally, I like shopping at the comfort of my own home but I spend way too much surfing from site to site and scouraging the web for online coupons.  By the time I find a discount, I've already wasted a lot of time.  That's where a great site like Save and Make Moola comes in and makes it easier.  So let's take a quick look at the site and review it's contents.

First off, the lay out is great.  It's like if you've stepped into an online mall.  The department stores are front and center and you can very easily shop by items.  Then, as you come across the Daily Deals section as well as the Coupons section.  COUPONS!!!  How convenient is that?!  That is like the biggest thing that you can ask for.  Instead of having to browse several different sites for online coupons, they are listed right there, right in front of you, to make it that much easier to shop and save.

Aside from shopping, they also have a Make Moola section as well as a blog section.  The Make Moola section provides a list of services that will not only save you some money, but have the potential to earn you some money as well.  The Moola Saver's Blog will have special deals for the day where you can score some free samples or insane deals on items and services.   Definitely something that I will be checking in on often.

I can't complain about this site.  It has everything that I would want in an online shopping experience.  I can shop, save, avoid lines, have discounts ready, savings ready, and best of all, I can do it all at the comfort of my own home.  Since I recently started a facebook fan page for Metallman's Reverie, I know the value of having fans check it out.  That's why I strongly suggest you follow Save and Make Moola on Facebook to get all the great deals that they have to offer.  This is a solid shopping experience and it definitely get's the Metallman seal of approval.  lol  Check it out friends and experience online shopping the way it was meant to be.  Later!

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