Sunday, May 22, 2011

Easy Gaming at

Hey there.  I love to play games.  Whether it be on my gaming console or computer.  I like playing games while I work on my computer but I can't spend too much time on any particular game.  They need to be fast, entertaining, and something that I can spend a few minutes on at a time.  This rules out MMORPGs right off the bat.  lol  I simply don't have the time to spend playing those kind of games on a computer for hours on end.  However, I don't mind a quick game of Bejeweled or any other fast paced flash game.  Gaming sites like offers those quick load times and 5 minute games that I love to play.

The community section of Game House is also pretty cool.  You can meet the gamer in the Player Spotlight and check out the Game House blog for upcoming news and features.  You can also find their Twitter and Facebook pages there as well as their YouTube channel so that you can get a sneak peak at future games.

If you have a few minutes and want to play game, Game House is something that you should consider.  Sign up is easy and free and there are many free games available to play.  You can very easy stop by, play a game or two, and continue working.  It's perfect for someone like myself that is constantly working online but needs a few minutes to unwind.  Check it out, my friends.  Later!

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  1. When I get my Xbox, I will get a game with it and the first game, i want it to be a game that my whole family can play. Also i have a sister so keep that in mind.Please give me some recommendations on games that are family- friendly!


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