Sunday, May 1, 2011

April 2011Give-a-way: Plants Vs. Zombies (Xbox360) Winner!

Hey there friends. We have 44 friends that all want this game and they registered 149 entries.  Thank you contest gods!  lol  I created a spread sheet to keep tabs of everyone who entered and how many entries they received.  Here's a small snippet of that:
I then jumbled the names of the entrants to randomize the selection process.  I will use to select a number for me and that number will represent the winner.  So here goes! And our winning number is...
 which is...
LADYT64!!!!!!  You are our winner!  Congrats!  I will be contacting you shortly to get all the necessary info so that I can ship you your new game.  Thank you all for entering and hope you guys stick around for the May contest which will be revealed on May 15th!  Later!

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  1. I just bought the game Plants vs Zombies online, and I don't know how to transfer it to my laptop? Do I just download the demo again and then put in the code I was given to activate it? Will it work twice since its on a different computer?


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