Sunday, August 9, 2009

Stop Remote Confusion Now

Hey there friends. Do you still have too many remotes in your home? Did you not read this post and say, "Hey, that's a great idea. I need one of those!" A Yamaha neoHD would be perfect for any tech savvy owner that loves to experience technology at it's best. Or for those who simply want to make things a little easier for the family.

Yesterday, I had my brother in law come over to help me build my shed. We spent most of the afternoon outside building the thing. After we called it a day, we came inside to watch a little TV. He was confused by the remotes we had on the table. He's not at our house much so he struggled to find the right control to turn the TV on. It quite funny actually, since he walked over to my wife and asked her to turn the TV on for him. This is where the Yamaha neoHD would make things simple.

I don't blame him. It's happened to me where I would be at a friend's house and I'm hold 4 remotes, pushing the on button on each in hopes of finding the TV remote. With the Yamaha NeoHD, all the remotes can be eliminated since you can program your remote devices to be used by it's user friendly device. You hook up the device to your TV and then program all your remote devices (TV, DVD, Stereo, gaming console, Ipod, etc.) and easily navigate through the user menu to select and activate your device. All through a small and simple remote. Who would not want this device?

Also, you can enter the Yamaha neoHD Sweepstakes for your chance to own your own Yamaha NeoHD. You can gain an entry by Tweeting: “I just entered to win a #neoHD b/c I have too many remotes, visit ( to enter” or you can go to and leave a comment on their Yamaha NeoHD post. Simply leave a comment about how you can benefit by having your own. I've left my comment and would love to see why you would like one too. Leave a comment here and let me know if it's something that is worth entering a contest for. And for those friends with a Facebook account, don't forget to search for NeoHD to become a friend and keep up to date with all that is the Yamaha NeoHD. Check it out, friends. This is definitely something that we should keep an eye on. Later.


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  1. I had to laugh when I saw this picture! This is exactly what it looks like at our place :)
    Although I keep stashing the remotes away in a drawer, but come TV time...