Friday, August 21, 2009

Friday Drag

Hey there. Today has been going by EXTREMELY SLOW. My wife didn't come in to work today. She has 2 sick days left for the year and she wants to kill them before she's off on maternity leave. Work has just been dragging along. I'm surprised that I am not getting anywhere near the amount of Emails I usually do or many phone calls. I usually average close to 100 Emails a day and several calls but I started the day with about 40 Emails and it really has not increased much. So I'm sitting here, with the majority of my work done. Important Emails have been sent and I can't work down my report much more than I already have. You know what it kinda feels like? Like when you're in elementary school and you look up at the clock and say, "damn, 3 hours and 24 mins to go." Yeah, it's kinda like that. I look at the time and think, 2 and half hours to go...

Next week will be a different story. It's the end of the month so I'll be diligently working on reports and orders. But until then, I'll just listen to the seconds tick away. Later.


  1. Awh, but now you're home and enjoying the weekend, right? I hate those slow days...especially on a Friday at that!

  2. hey.....congrats for the baby....

    woo hoo.....\,,,/