Friday, August 28, 2009

Los Angeles is Burning

Hey there. Yesterday, I sent a Twitter message about how I was walking outside and I can smell smoke and taste ashes. Like earthquakes, Southern California is no stranger to wild fires. There was already a strong fire blazing near West Covina (about 20 miles East of Downtown Los Angeles and another fire started last night in La Canada Flintridge (about 13 miles North of Downtown Los Angeles). The skies above my hometown are ugly. I live in Long Beach, where blue skies were visible this morning. Once we got on the 710 freeway heading north towards Downtown L.A., a HUGE cloud of smoke covered the skies. There's mountains visible in the skyline when you're on the 710 heading North. Today, I couldn't even see Downtown, it was so bad. Here are a few pics I took this morning from my mother in law's place. It's only a few minutes from where I work, which is only 5 miles away from Downtown.
Smoke is creeping up, covering the sky
The sky over Downtown Los Angeles
Ugly, no? I don't like seeing the skies like that. And to make matters worse, I'm upset. I was watching the news last night when the latest fire broke out and the anchor man on the news was being a jack ass about it. He downplayed the fires as "something to get used to" if you live in Los Angeles. We citizens of Los Angeles don't need to get used to fires. That's absurd, if you ask me. You get used to things you can't change, like earthquakes. You can't stop earthquakes, that is something you can get used to. As for fires, you can stop some jerk from tossing a cigarette butt into dry brush and causing all this disaster. I doubt that anyone here wants to get used to breathing this crap. The air quality is awful right now. As I write this, I can smell the smoke that is creeping in the building. Once I go outside for lunch, I know it's going to be hot, and to top it off, I'll be breathing in ashes and smoke. I don't need to get used to that, you jack ass news reporter. Someone should put him in a box and fill it up with smoke and see if it's something he would like to get used to.

I need to go. I got work to do. Later.


  1. Metallman,

    I agree with you. Nobody there in and around the fires should be subject to other people's stupidity. We will pray for you sll to be safe from harm and that as few lives are affected as possible. Here is us blessing our best to all of you.

  2. Something to get used to? What the hell? Some folks just ought to be tossed out of a job, yeah?

    Y'all be safe out there...