Monday, August 3, 2009

Get Ready for Back To School with Sears' Campus Ready

This post was sponsored by Sears. All the opinions are mine.

Hey there friends. We are now in August, which means that many retailers across the country and gearing up for "back to school" sales. While retailers generally target the elementary school kids, those of you that are getting ready for college can be left out in the cold. Going to college and living is a dorm room is a huge transition and our good friends at Sears are here to help with their CampusReady website. Sears makes it extremely easy to get your dorm room furnished with what you need. Below are some of the highlights of the site:

*You can shop by dorm room

You can view pre-furnished dorm rooms and pick and choose items from that dorm room that you like. Considering that Sears went all out and created more than a few dorm rooms, you should be able to find a style that suits your needs.

*You could shop by coordinating dorm room products and design ideas

If you select an item that you like, Sears will automatically display several other products that coordinate with the item that you chose. Making it extremely easy to have a well organized dorm room.

*You can shop using the interactive checklist

This handy tool organizes strongly suggested items that you will need to make college life that much easier. All items needed will be neatly categorized for easy check off.

*You can shop by necessary items

This is a god send for all parents that are about to see their child off to college. This interactive list will display all necessities for college life. The items are organized into the 5 categories of eating, sleeping, studying, playing, and cleaning.

*You can shop for clothes

Campus Ready not only offers furniture, but clothes as well. Keeping the clothes simple, young men and young women can shop by tops, pants, and t shirts, among other categories. It also provides tips on how to keep your clothes lasting the longest, offering advice such as this tip for jeans, "wash jeans in cold water and turn them inside out".

*Sears provides financial tips

The "Money Sense" tab is there to help students with tips on how to be money savvy. It emphases on the importance of a budget, but offers such money saving advice, such as "buying used books", and "search for free entertainment".

You can't go wrong with a site that goes of it's way to make things simple for a college transition. As an added bonus, you can check out CampusReady on Facebook and make things even easier with their facebook application.

College tuition is on the rise all over the country. Sears is doing it's part by offering a great site where a soon to be college student can get a grasp of what's going to be expected of a soon to be adult. For all us parents out there, be sure to sign up, for free, at to help pay for tuition costs. The program is extremely simple. You make purchases through to online retailers and a portion of the purchase will be returned to you in the form of an online account. And to sweeten the pot, Sears has teamed up with to give away up to $25,000 in cash for college tuition if you make a purchase through the website. Free money for college is not easy to come by so make sure you get your entry in for your chance to score money for college. Later.


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