Monday, August 31, 2009

Disney Owns Marvel

Hey there. This is a problem. This is a huge problem. The creators of the "Happiest Place on Earth" has just purchased the rights of some of the most dark, and mentally challenged characters every created. I am not happy with this. I don't want my Dark Knight to be transformed into some "cute" creation to appease the Disney audience. I want blood, I want violence, I want the dark and sick mind that makes Batman, Batman.

I'm not too happy with this. Disney has a reputation of dumbing things down to appease their audience. Many of the characters in the Marvel universe are flawed, and are flawed for a reason. There is no "perfect" superhero. They all have their own strengths and faults that give them human characteristics that we can relate too. We all can relate to one of many of their characters and we can do that without having a huge ego. Peter Parker is noble yet nerdy, Batman is strong yet troubled, The Incredible Hulk is a monster fueled by rage and Iron Man is an engineer that is power hungry (my opinion). If Disney jumps in here and starts meddling with story lines and characteristics, there are going to be many unhappy readers. Later.


  1. Let's not even mention if they attempt to start making movies from this characters (rated G or PG).

  2. Hopefully Disney will be wise and leave the Marvel characters alone. I agree with you...they shouldn't change a thing

  3. Disney wants to make lots of money off the Marvel characters. I can not see them turning Batman into a disney princess. I think they will leave it be, and just rake in the dough.

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  5. One of my concerns was that I thought that Universal (as in the park) owned these rights. I mean, they have the Spiderman ride, etc. So how do they handle that from a business stand point? Would Universal have to take the Hulk and Spiderman out of their parks?

    As for changing the characters, I don't think that will happen because that just defeats the purpose of purchasing them to begin with. Just my thoughts.

  6. Hey there J,

    I don't want to see PG rated movies. Can you imagine how bad those movies would suck?


    Batman into a Disney Princess... Love that line and let's hope that's not going to happen.


    I'm pretty sure that Universal has some kind of point in their contract that will allow a ride in their theme park. Kinda like, I made this movie so I should be allowed to at least have a ride if I feel like making one.

    As for the characters, here is my train of thought. Disney will now own the characters. Disney wants to make money. Disney is notorious for their merchandising. If you've been to a Disney store, its all smiles and rainbows. The Marvel characters will not fit in with the other characters. My fear will be that they will overhaul the look of the characters to make them more marketble and mold them into Disney style cartoons. I hope that this fear is never realized. Thanks.

  7. I just had a vision of a Disney ride with all the fluffy version of Batman, Spiderman, etc. singing "It's a Small World After All." Scary.

    Disney likes to cast the same people over and over again in their movies, too. So does this mean we'll eventually see Selena Gomez as Catwoman and Miley Cyrus as Mary Jane? I hope not, but I wouldn't be surprised.

    If that's the way they want to go, maybe they just never need to make another superhero movie. Leave the classics alone.