Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Metallman's Reverie Not Indexed on MSN (Bing)

Hey there. I'm fairly proud of this site. From my very first post, to what it is now. There is a sense of pride in building something from nothing and I'm definitely feeling proud. At first, I paid very close attention to this site's statistics: Page views, visitors, Alexa rank, Google PR, indexed pages, etc. etc. It got to a point where I would check it once a week to see if my trend was going up. I don't do that as much anymore. I occasionally check on the stats to see if there have been any improvements and I keep widgets on this site to tell me my Alexa rank and Real Rank. I gave up on Google PR. I'm finding it difficult to gain any love from Google in that aspect (or Google Adsense for that matter, since I was banned without warning).

Well, today was one of those days I decided to check up on Metallman's Reverie to see what's up. I like that Google decided to add me to their search engine. Typing in "Metallman" displays Metallman's Reverie in the top spot. Same deal with Yahoo. I like that I'm on there and it will display all or most of the places I'm mentioned. Not the case with MSN.

I logged on to the webmaster tools on MSN to see what it tells me. None of my pages are indexed. Not one. Hmmm.... So I go to and enter Metallman and search. Metallman's Reverie does not come up. I see all my profiles, though. Every profile from Socialspark to to Twitter. But absolutely no mention of Metallman's Reverie on Blogspot. What the hell???

I mean, I don't think it's a big deal, since I strongly believe that the majority of the world uses the Google search engine and I'm on that, but considering that I've been around for well over a year, I'd figure that MSN would acknowledge that I exist. I just find it a little odd that I'm not on there and am wondering if I'm the only one having that problem. For SEO reasons, you should be indexed in the "Big Three" of the online world but I'm curious as to why MSN refuses to index me. I'm going to need to look into that. I'm pretty comfortable at where I stand as a website. Pretty good Alexa rank, pretty good Real rank, I have 600+ feed subscribers, I get over 10K in page views a month, etc. It make me feel good that this is a moderate success, but this MSN thing bugs me. If I were to be indexed in MSN, would it bring more readers? Could it be possible for me to increase my visibility? Who knows... But I'm going to try and get to bottom of it and see why MSN is ashamed to index my site. lol Until I uncover the truth, later.


  1. Hi Metallman! MSN BING, is as pathetic as MSN live search.

    I have wrote them as the most pathetic search ever.

    I am one of those people that google themselves once a week. I want to see what is searched, etc.

    My screen name is abutterflyloves, and kimmysharinglight.

    Google has over 21,000 hits for abutterflyloves, and over 10,000 hits for kimmysharinglight.

    As of last week, I think I had 136 on BING.

    So I emailed them. I told them they should scrap BING until they can release it and actually compete.

    Good luck on your research. I am going to stick to google!

  2. Oh, give Microsoft a break. That company never gets anything right. Microsoft is kind of like the Maxwell Smart of the technology world -- the company is quite influential, but God only knows why.

    By the way, Kimmy is right -- Bing truly sucks. Microsoft hopes to challenge Google with that? Hell, that's not even like bringing a knife to a gun fight -- more like leaving the knife at home and bringing a toothpick.

  3. Hey there Kim,

    I only checked on MSN cause of curiosity. I know I'm not going to get anywhere with them. Even when it was, I wasn't indexed and figured that they'd have their head on straight by now. lol

    Hey there Hawg,

    That made me laugh! A toothpick to a gun fight. lmao It sucks to say, but it's true. I feel as MS puts these half ass products on the market and has us pay for the repairs. I'm thinking in particular in XBOX 360 terms but their OS systems are always faulty at launch and I now come to expect anything that launches from MS to be faulty at first. MS as Agent 86 is a classic analogy. Love it. lmao Later.