Monday, August 10, 2009

This is Sparta

Hey there. I've seen the movie 300. I thought it was good. In my opinion, it could rank as high as Gladiator as one of the best ass kicking movies ever. The problem with it is that there should have been MORE ass kicking and less of that narrator. Anyways, I was looking for something to laugh at and stumbled upon this gem at TheChive. I damn near spit out my water. lmao I love me some lists, especially those of funny pics or epic fails. This one just grabbed my attention and wanted to share it. Later!


  1. I heard that the movie 300 is good because the guys are RIPPED - that's th reason I'll be watching it ;)

  2. I saw the movie and it was terrific.Yeah,it's that part when the King of Sparta kicked the invaders into the big hole while shouting "This is Sparta." Hehe

  3. yea....butler kicked the guy same way.....great picture and presence of mind.......

    woo hoo.... \,,,/