Thursday, August 6, 2009

Final Fantasy Periodic Table of the Elements

Hey there. Where the hell where you during my time in AP Chemistry? I actually would have attended class more often if I knew this was going to be my "study buddy". lol It's great, no? And the best part is that the table does a good job of associating the element symbol to a name in Final Fantasy lore. Here are some examples:

Copper = Co = Chocobo
Silver = Ag = Aeris Gainsboro
Chlorine = Cl = Cloud
Caesium = Cs - Cait Sith
Titanium = Ti = Tidus
Magnesium = Mg = Moogle

I mean, C'mon! How bad ass is that?! Kudos to the creator of this table of the elements. That person must have taken forever to match a final fantasy term to each element. I'm going to look for a big one to get my kids. I'm sure they'll learn all these by the time they need to know them. Until then, later!


  1. Hey
    I remember this.Some of them were easy for me coz the symbols were derived from French words like Lead is Pl (french word Plomb),Iron is FE(french word Fer),except my copper was CU ??(french-cuivre).This was one of my fave subjects and I miss school-big time!!

  2. OMG, I would have KILLED to have this sucker way back when LOL! I so totally sucked at remembering the element table!