Wednesday, November 7, 2012

I Think it's Time to Start a Podcast

Hmmm...  What should we do next?
Hey there. I think it's time to evolve. Like Pokemon, I am ready to grow and evolve as a blogger.  Yes, I used a Pokemon reference.  lol  Anyways, come March, Metallman's Reverie will be 5 years old.  5!  Last night, I took part in a podcast for the very first time.  And you know what... it was freakin' awesome! I have contemplated doing something like that before but now, having that first taste of being with a group and conversing over topics, I now know that I definitely want to do a podcast.  I have more than a few ideas that I have already come up with and I'm with talks with friends and family about which idea would be most likely come to fruition.

I want to change it up for you guys and I also would love your opinions.  Not only do I plan on getting a podcast going, I also plan on integrating video posts.  Maybe a retro game review?  A quick video on this week's game releases?  Maybe have some kind of Q&A?  Interviews perhaps?  I would like your input friends!  Comment below and let's see what we can come up with!  Later!


I just saw your pic on swagb! I wasn't sure how to get ahold of you.

I originally did a few podcasts by myself for both my personal blog and DragonBlogger a few years ago, wife got me a great podcasting kit for my birthday with USB Mic, mixer and headphones. In a family with 2 little kids who share my office it became hard to find time to record 1/2 hour or 1 hour of audio without disruption and the editing time just negated my enthusiasm after a while. I still do audio recordings for my poetry podcasts, but these are 30 second to 2 minute reads. Focused on my YouTube channel instead of a podcast specifically too.

My main issue with podcasts was it was hard to track analytics other than pageviews for blog, iTunes doesn't show you how many people subscribe, plays...etc and it costs a bit to add podcasts to Soundcloud and other cloud hosting (they charge for certain # or sizes per month). Blubrry Powerpress was my favorite podcasting plugin for Wordpress and still use it on all of my blogs even for the Dragoncast.

Hey there Justin. I'm definitely going to give it a shot. I'll look into a hosting site and get all the general info before I start. I didn't know that there are 'podcasting kits" so I'm definitely going to look into that for a decent kit! That's for input! I greatly appreciate it!

This is the one I got as a gift and it is Fantastic, supports additional inputs to so you could plug in an instrument, CD, and record audio from external source as well as your own audio. The mixing controls allow you to fine tune EQ, Pan, Trim...etc.

Well most people goes in Podcasting nowadays. Well aside from the photos that they already and always seen in your blogs sometimes they also want to hear your voice out of curiosity. Doing it atleast once a week is not bad so do it. Let's go!

That is a great looking kit, Justin! The price tag is a little up there, though. Hmmm... I'll have to shop around and see if I can find a kit for about half the price. I don't want to spend to much on this, but I do want to have a respectable rig to do a podcast in. Thanks!!!

If you just need a good mic, this one is supposed to be great and under $30

If you want a headset with mic, I was looking at getting this one for my son for doing his Minecraft youtube recordings

I like podcasts, I used to listen to one that taught French. The people would have a conversation and then have you repeat it for practice. I am interested in what you will do with your podcasts! I hope you will be podcasting supplementary material. The podcast I listened to did not have video. What if you recorded yourself via webcam and posted weekly or monthly updates in a youtube video? I saw some of your photos before which was funny about eating the super spicy wings. That would've been hilarious as a vid!

Hey there Betty! Yeah, it would have made an awesome video! Too bad I didn't think about that when I had them! Thanks for the comment!

Hey man definitely do one! I have one that I have been doing but I have been thinking about seeing if someone would like to do a video game podcast with me. I'm down for doing one with you so just let me know!

Let's do this, Brian. I am ready to jump into podcasting. I also discovered why I disconnected so much in the dragoncast. I was on WiFi calling and I was on the outer reaches of the WiFi signal. Next time, I'll use regular calling and avoid the disconnects.

Please let me know if you have any questions. That's what I do (help people start podcasts). You a $49 microphone, some intro music ($8) and a media host ($15 a month) away.

Hey there Coach. I'll think about it. I'm definitely in the market looking, but I'm going to shop around before commiting to anything. Thanks for the info!

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